Feature Film


An independent feature film developed and produced in collaboration with a group of young actors, and filmed on location in Adelaide, South Australia.





Digital Feature Film, 94 minutes


Develop and produce an entirely independent feature film, working in close collaboration with four young actors who contributed to the story development and the script dialogue. 





The film was produced, directed and written by Christopher Faull in collaboration with a group of young actors (principally Maria Dafneros, Charlotte Rees, Nathaniel Davidson and Adam Mattaliano). Filming took place in some 23 locations in and around Adelaide, South Australia in 2000. 


Cass. Twenty-one years old. Average intelligence. Above-average need for honesty – regardless of the cost.

Alcohol, dance music, Ecstasy… Cass is having a great time at the party. And, as one thing leads to another, she finds herself passionately entwined with Alex in an upstairs bedroom.

Then they wake up. It’s morning. The party is over. Cass knows absolutely nothing about Alex. And, it turns out, neither she nor Alex know the guy throwing the party. After some awkward conversation, and an embarrassing encounter with the parents of the house, they go their separate ways.

Later that day, Cass hears that Martin – the party host in whose room she and Alex made love – left his party some time in the night, and killed himself.

This incident draws together Cass, best friend Kristin, Alex and his friend Mike. It gives them pause to wonder: How can we ever know what goes on inside another person? And it sets Cass on an obsessive mission: Who am I? Am I just a product of my past? Which part is ‘me’?

Cass and Alex are getting along well, and Kristin and Mike are becoming friends… when Cass pushes things a step too far. One night the group are sharing private (sexual) moments. It’s all in good fun, but as the revelations become more sensitive, tensions emerge. When Mike becomes defensive, Cass reveals that he tried to hit on her at the party – does he want to fuck her? Alex is stunned, Kristin annoyed… and Mike withdraws.

Having crossed the line, Cass becomes increasingly alienated from her friends. In her quest to find herself, she changes her hair, her clothes, her choice of music. And the more she changes, the more she isolates herself, the more she looses track of her ‘self’.

Thankfully, Alex and Cass have a deep connection, and he is there when she eventually returns to Earth. Mike shares his most intimate thoughts with Kristin… And in the end, the friendships survive.


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