The Method of Shared Concern

Staff Training Program


A staff-run film-based professional development resource providing step-by-step group training in the internationally recognised method for dealing with bullying in schools.

“…the best training tool I’ve seen (I teach counseling skills and none of the tapes are anywhere near this effective).”

Dr Sheri Bauman, University of Arizona

“This film resource is a good step in countering the prevailing zero tolerance approach to bullying and the use of punitive actions in dealing with all bullying incidents.”

Dr Anatol Pikas, Sweden

“…a very effective presentation of the Pikas method.”

Professor Peter Smith, University of London



Video and User’s Guide


The Method of Shared Concern is a staff training resource for dealing with bullying in schools.

Leading Australian scholar Dr Ken Rigby interprets, and describes in detail, this internationally recognised Method originated by Swedish psychologist Dr Anatol Pikas. The resource presents a step-by-step group training session for staff, built around two case studies enacted by practitioners trained by Dr Pikas.

The Method of Shared Concern was developed and produced using the same collaborative approach with students as Readymade’s internationally acclaimed Stories of Us programs, and whilst the case studies are fictional they are extremely realistic.

Whilst The Method of Shared Concern resource has been produced in Australia, the Method is universal and the resource can be used with any English speaking staff. The resource is produced and distributed by Readymade Productions in association with the Australian Department of Education, Science and Training and the Department of Health and Ageing.




Upper Primary and Secondary School Staff.


Recent evaluations of the effectiveness of intervention methods in reducing bullying have revealed that most have been only modestly successful. Based on student reports, teacher interventions have been found to result in bullying being stopped in only 25% of cases. In 16% of cases, bullying was reported as actually increasing after teachers had sought to deal with it (Smith & Shu, 2002).

We therefore need to try new ways of dealing with this old problem. The Method of Shared Concern has impressive credentials, based upon available research evidence – well in advance of what has been reported using other methods – and has been incorporated in successful intervention programs in a number of countries including England, Spain, Finland and Australia.


The Method of Shared Concern is appropriate for medium-level, group-based bullying with secondary students – however at the discretion of staff it may be used with some students in the late primary years.

The Video

The 50 minute video is in two parts. Part One presents a detailed explanation of the Method of Shared Concern and its application in a case of bullying involving a group of boys. Part Two presents a second example of the use of the Method, with a different practitioner, working with a group of girls.

In addition to the instructional content provided by Dr Ken Rigby and the reflections of the practitioners, the majority of the video presents realistic interactions with students as the practitioners negotiate a mediated solution.

A 5 minute preview of the video is available above on this page.

The User’s Guide

The 32 page User’s Guide provides step-by-step instructions for conducting the group staff training session. It is recommended that a half-day be allocated to allow time to watch the DVD and constructively discuss the Method with an eye to applying it with students. The resource can be used by individual staff members in little more than two hours – however far greater benefit will be derived from working with a group as designed, particularly if the school intends to apply the Method.

The User’s Guide includes:

  • Instructions for the group leader,
  • Questions to facilitate discussion, with support information,
  • Assumptions underlying The Method of Shared Concern,
  • Frequently Asked Questions,
  • Useful web sites for further information,
  • References,
  • Further assistance and training,
  • And handouts detailing The Six Stages of the Method, and a Shared Concern Quiz.

A preview of the Teacher’s Guide can be downloaded here as a PDF document.

Further Training

For staff interested in further training after using The Method of Shared Concern resource, a free half-day workshop is also available. Developed by Dr Ken Rigby, this additional resource encompasses a series of role-play exercises for those wishing to gain practical experience in preparation for using the Method of Shared Concern in their school. For further information contact Dr Rigby on (08) 8302 1371 or by email.

Another valuable source of assistance is Coosje Griffiths, a Western Australian psychologist and Manager Student Services who has been trained by Anatol Pikas, Swedish psychologist and originator of the Method. She has subsequently developed and provided skills-based training in the Shared Concern Method for over thirteen years for district and school-based staff.


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Program guides are distributed as a PDF download and the videos can be streamed or downloaded.

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